$1800 worth of GIFT TO MY


After years and years experience in wedding photography – videography and editing I do have the confidence and the ability to share this message that I can rock your wedding photos and video.

A Testimonial!

16 years of


ConneryFilm Wedding Showreel 

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Connery Davoodian

​Director/Producer/photographer and editor

ConneryFilm is a film developer based in, California providing high quality, effective and affordable visual communications solutions and services. Our staff of creative professionals combines their expertise and dedication with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to assure unsurpassed service, fast response times, and effective results at reasonable prices. Connery Film is the leader in photography, videography, and short wedding videography. If you need your wedding shot at faraway locations, need a director to manipulate traffic for your commercials, or simply need an expert wedding videographer to give you advice, call Connery Film for support. Our success and continuous growth have led us to expand our horizons and search for new challenges. We do music videos and produce both media seamlessly and effectively. Venturing on new challenges is not a big deal for us because we have the tech and skills to perform them.