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Sanaz & Jordan Wedding | Persian / American Wedding | ConneryFilm
ConneryFilm Wedding Cinematography   Setareh & Soheil Wedding short Video @ConneryFilm
Amir & Hayan Video Testimonial | ConneryFilm
Persian & American Engagement Cinematography by ConneryFilm
Armenian Wedding Cinematography by ConneryFilm
Meghmik & Joseph Short Version Video   @ConneryStudio
Armenian Wedding Cinematography by ConneryFilm
Assyrian & American Wedding Video by ConneryFilm
Nahal & Babak Wedding   Wedding cinematography   @ConneryStudio
Tanya & Jason Wedding Short Video   @ConneryStudio
Wedding Cinematography Showreel    ConneryFilm      @ConneryStudio
Watching Our Wedding Video For The First Time   Our First Reaction   @ConneryStudio
Ben 40th Birthday   Connery Studio Production   2020
Sam 40th Birthday

Hawaii - destination wedding - Alex & Ellenie 


With all of the hard work and planning you put into your special event, you want to make sure it’s memorable and spectacular. This makes it all the more important to hire a good video production service to take care of videography.
We have a commercial producer for those who want a full-blown endorsement, and a music video director to create a symphony of video and music captured on the reel. ConneryFilm specializes in a quality cinematographer ready to take your requests and fill every frame with vibrant memories.
ConneryFilm aims to create excellent videos through wedding videography, one that can showcase the couple’s true colors. And every couple is unique, therefore every film is unique. Our professional videographers are ready to catch every important moment.
Connery Film is a cinematographer. But what does that really mean? To us, it means capturing your story. We aim to create videos that pertain to the subject/s individuality.
Contact ConneryFilm for expert videography services today. We look forward to capturing your precious moments on video at affordable prices.

Video Production

Our wide range of video and film professional services is designed to fulfill all your needs and expectations. From conception to completion, our creative staff will contribute years of production experience to guarantee the success and effectiveness of your video production.

We work in a wide range of video formats, High Definition Video, Standard Definition Video, Internet Video, and more. Depending on your budget and specific requirements we’ll maximize every aspect of production so that you get more for less.

Let us do your video editing! Our video production service is poised to create quality and state-of-the-art videos for clients. We believe they want the best out of our editing services because video creation and production take a toll, on budget, and energy-wise.

Whenever we’re asked to do videos for our client, we do pre-production to iron things out before shooting anything. Our videographer and production team's pre-shoot planning is a necessity with our company as well.

Our video production service aims to make your video look snappy. You will be surprised by the rapport we can establish between the video and the viewer with our services.


Wedding Videographer


Wedding videography highlights small moments like the laughter between old friends, reminiscing as they get ready for their big day, or two lovers fighting over the last piece of cake.

Our wedding videographer works with one goal in mind: to tell a story from start to finish. We think of the look our video production service would give: a unique take and attack on two lovers combined, which is truly magnificent when captured on camera.
To give your wedding a blockbuster look, we can have our videographer pattern it with the ideas your engagement photographer pitched. This would give the milestone event a seamless look, from the finale to a momentous event.

We keep saying we want to capture your moment: who you are and what your story is all about. To Connery Film, our wedding service is top-notch. Wedding videography is our passion and to create a career out of that is just a dream come true.

Connery Film offers special occasion photography and cinematography at affordable prices as well.  With Connery Film, you don’t have to look any further. Contact us now.  

Wedding videography is the process of capturing the events and emotions of a couple's wedding day on video. This can include everything from the ceremony and reception to pre-wedding preparations and post-wedding events. Having a high-quality wedding videographer is important because the resulting video will be a treasured memento of the couple's special day for years to come.

A good wedding videographer will be able to capture all of the important moments of the day in a way that is unobtrusive and discreet, while still getting all of the key shots. They should be able to create a beautifully edited video that tells the story of the couple's wedding day in a way that is both artful and emotionally engaging.

In addition to capturing all of the important moments of the day, a good wedding videographer should also be able to create a video that is visually stunning. This can involve using a variety of different camera angles, lighting techniques, and other visual effects to create a video that is truly memorable.

Overall, having a high-quality wedding videographer is essential for preserving the memories of a couple's special day in a way that is both beautiful and emotionally powerful.

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